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LAMA’s team develops your marketing strategy through a custom-build creative campaign.

For over 20 years, we have been providing design inspiration, detailed graphic presentations, style guides, posters, logos, press kits, and more.

Our experienced specialty is creating the visuals needed to promote all of your media projects (presentations, bibles, style guides, posters and more…). We are equally comfortable working on feature films as we are on TV shows.

Create from scratch the graphic identity of your project.
Conceive and oversee the content and the design of your presentation.
Design a teaser poster, a logo and a style guide to fit your project’s needs.
Assist you with your marketing positioning by creating visuals which you can shoot on location.

A Turn-Key Project

Translate your Idea into a Visual Presentation 
Visual Research
Graphic Identity
Graphic design
Marketing Positioning via Visuals

Our references

Bring your project and you vision, and we handle the rest!

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Real Passion Can’t Be Faked

LAMA is an independent creative agency, with an international team and a passion for ART & CREATION. We bring a combination of talent, experience and love for the cinematic medium to help you shape your vision.

Our method is both creative and pragmatic, flexible and on-demand. We provide original inspiration, dedicated to your project according to your vision for 20 years.

Starting your project with LAMA means saving. We create your marketing content and visuals before the shooting, and so you have your mind free for your production and post-production.

Let LAMA add its Quality Touch

We translate your thoughts into images. 
We provide personalized work, performed by a dedicated team. 
We manage and enhance your project’s marketing campaign. 
We provide great value for an affordable rate. For the price of one senior graphic designer, you will receive an experienced team, assisting you every step of the way.

The Team

Laureen M. Cohen

the Founder and the Creative Director.

A recent Los Angeles transplant, Laureen is passionate about creation, art and marketing. She specializes in promoting feature films and TV projects, and has worked on campaigns for Disney, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount, Gaumont and Pathé in just the past 10 years.

Marc Mehenni

the Art Director.

A very talented and a well-known Art Director in France, Marc Mehenni has been creating film marketing campaigns for some of the biggest movie studios for over 20 years. A highly esteemed artist, his work has been exhibited in France under his Art name MM13.

Alex Lane

the Writer.

Alex is a multi-lingual actor, screenwriter and producer, with over 10 years in the industry. Previously mentored by Melisa Wallack (Oscar nominee for Dallas Buyers Club), Alex is currently in development on TV shows and feature films in the US, Europe and Australia, also bringing producing insight to his marketing work.

Melanie Marchand

the Graphic Designer.

Melanie has been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, with her clients including some of the biggest studios in France. An experienced graphic designer, she is able to enhance a creation and to develop graphic ideas to assist marketing positioning and creative direction.   

The Team

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